Saturday, September 25, 2010

third birthday bash

Here is RM blowing out the candles (real candles, not tea lights) on a cake that CLEARLY was not made by me... no shame in this working-mom's game.

And as Oma was able to catch this action shot, I thought: Some things never change. Now that I am looking back, it's also interesting to notice that this is his THIRD straight chocolate cake birthday. Definitely wasn't planned.

Maybe I'll upload some more of the shots... but suffice it to say we had a low key, family dinner (Oma, Pops, KK, Grandad, Thomas, Nance, Reid, O, G, C...) and that was perfect.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

thursday night musing

I'm sitting at the dining room table. It is 8:11pm. I'd eat more Sunchips, but the 100% compostable bag is a bit of a deterrent. Have yall noticed they even put a disclaimer on the side: 'this bag is LOUD because it is compostable.'. Like that is supposed to clear it up for me. Anyway, I don't know why I'm worried about being loud. The Bug is evidently still awake 25 minutes after I put her to bed. She keeps hitting the paw of her Leapfrog puppy, 'Violet' to make it sing and talk to her. And then I just hear her giggling. We got home for the day at 7:20pm. RM didn't nap at Oma's this afternoon, so he sacked out in the car and I just transferred him to his bed. Should maybe consider going and putting a pull-up on him... Hmm. I left at 8:30am this morning, and it's been one of those crazy pre-election weeks. Want to know what politicos eat when they have three straight nights of receptions? Well, Tuesday it was 3 shrimp, 2 beef tenderloin medallions, a little pimento cheese morsel, and a few grapes. Wednesday was 1 chicken skewer, a thimble full of orzo pasta, a handful of raw cucumber, carrots and baby tomatoes, a pita chip with hummus. Tonight I had a slice of beef tenderloin, 2 bacon-wrapped scallops, a bite of brie, and 2 asparagus spears. All washed down with a glass of wine that you juggle between business card trade-offs and handshakes and general conversational gesturing that takes place at these kinds of things. This morning I had to visit my doctor and she said something about was I getting enough calcium for bone density, etc. She gave me a chart to consider for calcium amounts in certain foods. You can imagine my delight to find that shrimp and scallops are a source... Although it appears I need to eat more of them to make any dent in the daily quota. Or start buying vitamin D milk. I guess I should be grateful that the Bug is weaned and I can eat dairy... Otherwise I'd be subject to finding all my intake in leafy greens.
RM announced today that all he wants for his birthday is CANDLES. At least 5 people have asked the question, and he is consistent in his answer. Easy to accomplish, right? (Says the mom who used a TEA LIGHT on his cake last year. Apparently the joke's on me.). I'll let ya'll know how I pull through this year. :-)
Guess I should unload the dishwasher. Since it is 8:45 now and I've just been piddling and putting it off. There is something so unsettling about unloading it anytime other than first thing in the morning, no?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy birthday Lily Kate!

after our cousin mania weekend in Columbia... (more on that, perhaps at a sister-blog) we went to the Griggs to celebrate Lily's first birthday. She's almost two months younger than the Bug, and already walking! She is such a cutie pie, and we had fun eating cupcakes and enjoying all things party related. thanks guys! (also, we got to see the Batts, Plylers and Bridges! wahoo!)

the table that Floyd built

So, earlier this year when we were visiting the mountains, a discovery of heart of pine planks was made under the house. Floyd had been dreaming about making a dining table for us, similar to the one his parents use every day, and it only seemed right for the wood to be used to such a purpose. Here is the final product, hurray!!!

i have been so impressed with the way he took on this endeavor and the finished work is a beautiful addition to our home. many meals will be served on this table. hopefully many guests will eat here. little people will grow up remembering the exact knots and wood grains of the planks. RM has already received the first 'knot' on his forehead after colliding with the edge. lots of memories to come, and something I am very proud of, too. Thanks WFG :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School - Fall 2010

YES... they've been to school before. But since RM is officially doing the K2-K3 thing, and counting and knowing colors and letters and singing a wide array of songs... I figured we should take the ceremonial 'first day' pictures.

He was very proud to wear his 'new shoes' today.

The first thing he said when he RAN to his room was "LOOK at my SHOES!" His teachers embrace his enthusiasm.

The Bug was quite happy to see "Ms. Karen" whom she loves. She crawled right over for a big hug, and then just grinned at her. Ms. Karen had RM in the baby room and has now had June since February. She 'gets' the buggle. Not many people can say that!

the great outdoors... on the driveway.

we've found that you don't have to go far to explore a wide range of activities with the kids. on this particular Labor Day, we actually just walked out the front door of Granddad and KK's house, and found some great time-fillers just a few feet in front of us. For example:

Red raced around on his tricycle for a while.

June tried out the scooter, equipped with revving the engine to her heart's content.

RM and G'dad played 'trash-truck' for a while. This consists of RM hanging on to the back of the wheelchair, like a garbage man, as they drive to find 'trash' (leaves, sticks, etc). Then they pick it up, and take it to the 'dump' (storm drain).

June checked out the flowers.

And made some very "Bugglish" faces when her KK scooped her up. (She does an incredible fish expression, agree?)

Jim Hargate, III does what he does best: lay in the sun and enjoy company.

Hand Truck + Cardboard Box = Redneck Stroller

We forgot the Phil & Ted's this weekend when we went to the mountains. No worries, KK and Grandad are very resourceful. This was great fun. The Bug isn't usually content to be contained, but for whatever reason, this made her happy.

Jordan Street Cafe - Brevard, NC

we LOVE eating at this place. Especially in September when the weather is just PERFECT for enjoying the back patio dining experience. Flowers, Virginia Creeper, patio furniture, and food that is just incredibly delicious. I don't usually want to kiss the chef, but I'm getting close to asking. (Just kidding WFG.)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dear RM: You gave me a black eye this week. It was an accident: your skull collided with me face while we were reading books. Funny memory. Love you crazy boy.