Monday, January 24, 2011

talking on the phone.

he is so big. this photo was taken while mommy was at work. RM: "Mom, why do you have to be at the office? Mom, Mom, we're gonna play basketball, and go in the creek, and play trains. is that a good idea? Mom, check your gmail. Bye, mom."

when i checked my gmail, this photo is what i found. i love technology.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bug run after bath.

this little number is ridiculously cute and silly.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


hi. yes. a short entrance back from a rather long silence here. but the last several weeks have lacked structure - snows and breaks and holidays and starts and stops... for now just a cute shot of these two from this afternoon. inspiration struck in the form of 'organize-one-drawer-and-cupboard-at-a-time' in my kitchen. i came across the two bibs from my alma mater, Converse College, which were used quite frequently when they were babies. did i just say 'when they WERE babies?' strange that i blinked and now have toddlers. who will turn 2 and 4 in this new year of 2011. crazy. their expressions are so telling - him with his wide animation, live every moment fully and loudly. making a joke and yet tenderly showing affection to his sister all at once. one day he's going to ask me how on earth his haircuts always looked like the barber was blindfolded. and her with her pursed lips and knowing grin. barely a dimple showing, but i can tell she is on the verge of a full blown laugh - just holding back. she wants to tell her brother 'NO!' and 'MORE' all at the same time. these little people: i hope they are friends for decades and decades.