Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Tooth!

one of the bottom two has popped through - on his seven month birthday. the one "next-door" is very close behind. Here's RM trying to cut those gums.

Friday, April 25, 2008

deja vu

Evelyn & Floyd enjoyed a date night while beaching it last week in Florida. We have suddenly discovered why parents need date nights REGULARLY SCHEDULED. And while we're getting a little better about it, we have a long way to go too!

Anyway, we were very close to Daytona, so we drove down one evening and played a little putt putt golf on the same course where we played during our youth group "First Week" trip back in 2000... eight years ago! Here's a shot of us at the top of the course. And another picture from our dinner at the Blue Topaz up the road in Flagler Beach after Floyd beat me by one point :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

a little more...

RM meets his namesake, Red Gibbs

Well, there was one very happy 94 year old uncle in Georgia yesterday. I will try to post more details of our trip to the beach soon, but i wanted to first mention this very special lunch date. We took a Sunday drive away from the R&R on the coast to give RM a chance to meet his great-great-uncle. Uncle Red is the only surviving brother of the three, one of whom was Floyd's grandfather. Uncle Red never had any children of his own. He is a massive man, and has always impressed everyone with his stories... It doesn't really matter if they were as large in life when they actually happened, or if they have become taller tales over the years. The fact is, he is one of a kind. He might be a bit grumbly most of the time now - heck, if i was 94 i might be grumbly too - but as soon as we put that baby boy in his lap, you would have thought we'd shown him a taste of heaven. It really is funny how they favor one another.

And of course, Red might be mostly white on top now, but he's got a tinge of his true color radiating around his crown. RM's baldness also has the copper sheen.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tribute to nanni pan

this post is in honor of my kid-sister. she's the best friend a girl could ask for. we are very different: she can order snake-skin heels from Harrod's for $30. she can work out at 6am at Curves. she can take care of three babies, and still find time that same day to go to the grocery store, get a nap in herself, and cook a healthy dinner for the family. She thinks Colin Powell is still in the Cabinet.

i on the other hand, can't even confidently buy a decent new pair of jeans when i've got holes all in the favorite pair. i roll out of bed at 7:45am in time to nurse the boy, stick him in the exersaucer, and run out the door to work by 8:30. I can solve the political ills of the world in a 30 minute conference call, pump while reading the press clips, and eat a lean cuisine with my free hand. I can read National Review, but not Cooking Light.

but somehow, some way, she loves me just the way i am. And takes extra measures to give me glimpses into the parts of the day i am missing while at work. Like this phone call yesterday: "Dan, Red wanted me to call you and tell you to please buy him size 4 diapers. No child should be told to 'suck in' when the velcro tabs are fastened... it's getting a little out of hand." And she invites me to eat dinner with the Fisher clan every Monday night. And she calms my troubled heart when i'm trying to figure out how the heck my 'schedule' is going to work this summer. If someone had told me that this is what our lives would look like 6 years ago, i would have laughed. But God in his infinite wisdom knew i needed Nanni with her cute butt and her surprising personality. i love you Nan.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

learn something new lately?

Evelyn & Floyd enjoyed a date nite last night, courtesy of our sweet neighbor. We were pretty thrilled about dinner & a movie, and the old standard did not let us down. The plan was to see "Leatherheads" which was filmed in our beautiful Greenville County (and surrounding areas). If you watch closely, you'll recognize buildings like the Westin Poinsett Hotel, and the fields of Travelers Rest. Ahh, we're so very proud... can you tell?
Anyway, the highlight of the evening was actually our conversation over dinner. But while we were talking, somehow it came up that i had taken "clowning classes" as a child. I even had my own kit of clown make-up. Mom, do you remember this? If so, why did i do this? How did you find a clown class? (it was over off wade hampton, near the old peice goods store.) After all, i don't think i'm too scarred by the experience, but we definitely laughed pretty hard about it last night. There is something very refreshing about learning something new about someone you think you know so well. So tell me - have you learned something new lately? about your spouse? about yourself? share... i'd love to hear.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

honey, i blew up the oven.

That's right. It's OVER. Many of you know that we did a very 'cosmetic' overhaul of the house when we bought it two years ago. While the kitchen benefited from a few gallons of paint and a new fridge; the old oven, cook top & hood have remained intact. The new decor doesn't lend itself quite as well to the retro doo-doo brown color of these appliances, but they have worked just fine for what they were intended to do: cook food. I had hoped the end would come for the hood/cook top before the oven. But as usual, i was in for a surprise.

Here's how it went down.

Last week Floyd & I were about to enjoy an evening walk around the neighborhood with the boy and Jim Hargate, III. I asked him to "put the rotisserie chicken in the oven on WARM so that it will be ready to eat when we get home." (Sidenote: yes, i have resumed some cooking, but seriously, after 9 hrs at the office all day, it ain't happening. we take what we can get. and a $4.99 chicken at Costco is just fine with me.) Floyd did as was instructed, and we all went outside. After throwing the ball in the yard for JH, i realized i had forgotten something and needed to run back in. That was the MIRACLE of this whole debacle. I re-entered the house, full of black smoke, flames blazing from our oven. It seems that Floyd had accidentally put the oven on BROIL, instead of warm. (The two settings are right next to each other on our old fashioned dial. It was an honest mistake). The grease & plastic fire was quite a sight.

Now here's Evelyn's mistake: After turning the oven off and opening the windows/turning attic fan on, etc... i ran back outside and told Floyd we had some bad news, there would be no chicken for dinner. After brief explanation of situation inside, he asks, "What did you do with the chicken?" - Reply: "It's still in the oven." Floyd runs back in to find flames STILL blazing inside the oven.


I got a great education on the difference between electric fires and grease fires.
Floyd got a great education on the difference between the broil setting and the warm setting on the wonky oven dial.
The oven got a one way ticket to the dump, and our spiffy new General Electric addition will be arriving Tuesday.

the end.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

random six-ish month moments

some things our boy is doing...

rolling around on the floor smiling with his silly mom

playing the tickle monster game with his fun daddy

trying ever so hard to hold his own bottle

Congratulations Ole & Amy!

Floyd's sister Amy got engaged recently to the wonderful and fabulous Ole Sleipness! We are so thrilled to be gaining a brother. Their wedding date is set for September. If you want to know more about their story, you can check it out.
Here are a few snapshots from our mini engagement party... as in evelyn, floyd, amy & ole at our house the day of the event. Wine & Chocolate-covered strawberries is all we needed. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Flap Jack

Evelyn & Floyd would like to debut "the flap jack" exercise, but they are technically not so inclined when it comes to uploading videos. We'll work on it so you can see it in action. It's a family favorite. For now, here's a picture of the act. Sure not as good the video... but maybe we can re-try that soon.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

she's here! she's here!

I'm sure the Colorado gang will post pictures and details as soon as they possibly can, but hopefully they are all getting some much needed rest right now.

No April Fools Joke, Baby Girl Flippin made her debut in the wee hours this morning.

more to come!