Sunday, September 23, 2007

they are coming!

that's right... the Colorado Gang are coming to South Carolina. Back to their roots, some for the first time (C-love and Scuppernog). For others, Like G-money and JG especially, this flying thing is becoming old hat. And I'm sure D-struction will have some extra special tricks up his sleeve too, but we'll be praying they are more cute than destructive...

I haven't seen my oldest sister since last November. That's right... almost a full year. And Tootie was here in May, but it seems like a long time ago too. Most importantly is the fact that this is the first time the entire Baker clan has been together since Nanni & Reid were married. That's 2.5 years ago, and at the time there was only G-money in the cousin crew... since then the-O-man, D-struction, JG, Georgia Weez, and C-love have all joined him. And baby Gibbs & Scuppernog are not far behind.

We're pretty excited... i love my family, and i'm hoping we have lots of fun together. And maybe even an actual DELIVERY while they're here too, wouldn't that be awesome?!?

a taste of things to come...

Nursery update... You might remember my posting about our nursery a couple of months ago. I was kind of proud because we had a crib already, even if it was full of junk. But the room has come a long way from junk room/music room/guest room to house a nursery primarily, but also serve other functions as well. I will post more images later next week, but here are a couple of details. The drapes are going up tomorrow and the mini blinds coming DOWN, and our rocking chair will be done on Wednesday... hurrah! More about the face lift to come, but here's some of the details...

The view when you walk in the door now (again, still a work in progress)
The table by the rocker with Floyd's baby picture, and his silver baby rattle, comb, toothbrush, teething ring, etc.

A little bucket of toys and special stuffed animals

One of my favorites, Mr. Frog, who is currently hanging on the closet door... he's cute.
And the closet! Lots of organizing and laundry has been done already to make this happen :)

a couple of bump shots...

well i realize i've been neglecting to post the belly... honestly we've gotten a little preocuppied with getting the house ready for this new little human being, and the belly seems like old news to Evelyn & Floyd... but just for good measure, here is the 35 or 36 week image (i can't remember when exactly we took it... oops). Also, below that is the today image... i don't know if there is much of a difference. It's all the same to me now, and hopefully we'll get one last final one in a couple weeks before this kid pops out.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A little chi-chi here, a little baby there...

Evelyn & Floyd have an amazing neighbor and friend, Karen. Her home is like a sanctuary to all who enter, and her friendship too provides great respite. It's like she has this spiritual gift to create an oasis of relaxation. Anyway, when she throws a party, it is always chi-chi, even if it is a baby shower. Sponge cake, fellowship halls and punch step aside - romantic tea lights, palm frans, and cordials for conversation are welcome here.

We opened many generous and thoughtful gifts from friends

It was cool enough to socialize on the porch without sweating!

Friends lingered for hours after dinner and dessert

Grandparents-to-be (the Gibbs) talk with a more seasoned "Pops" as he cuddles the current youngest member of the Baker grands (Georgia)

The party may be over but of course we're all still hanging out