Wednesday, April 29, 2009

first baseball game

RM took in his first baseball game last night with his Daddy and the guys while watching the Greenville Drive. Naturally, i neglected to send a real camera with them, so the only evidence is this pix msg. They took it during the national anthem... and even managed to get RM's hand over his heart.

Floyd says that RM had a blast, and actually watched the game very intently. When the pitcher threw the ball, he would mimic the gesture and add a "Swish!" sound as he made his imaginary pitch. When the crowd cheered for a hit, RM was pretty happy to clap along with everyone.

The Flour Field at the West End is just plain awesome too. It's a replica of Fenway Park, and was named Ball Park of the year in 2006. There is a great little playground for kids, and a grassy hill for families to sit on (or kids to roll down). Can you tell I'm proud of the quality of life in our town?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tuesday thoughts

i fell asleep talking to my hubby last night - just nodded off and didn't wake up until 7 this morning. woops.

we had an amazing weekend in the mountains with friends. good conversation, fun games, birthday celebration, amazing food - what's not to love?

RM skinned his knee this weekend, and yesterday matched that with one on his chin. He also has a nasty scratch down the side of his face, and a red spot on his bald head. it looks like he's been in a dog fight.

the tubes must be working, because we are hearing far more from the little man in the last few days than we had been. it's like someone flipped a switch and he suddenly hears clearly and realizes he can repeat a lot more of what we say. crazy.

i have two dear friends who are about to pop out babies any day. one surprise gender, fifth child and one surprise name, first child. i am soooo excited to see these little ones and their parents/siblings!!

my parents are leaving today for Europe - won't be back until September. it's not that i see them or talk to them every day, or even twice a week necessarily, but there is a certain security to having your parents close. i miss them already.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

somewhere in that ear there is a teeny tiny tube...

See this ear diagram? With all the fluid behind the eardrum? Yeeeah, so that's what both of RM's ears looked like this morning apparently. And I knew it... because we've not slept through the night the last two nights - he's beeen hurting.

But after a trip to the Surgery Center this morning for a quick procedure, he hopefully has a new feeling: pain-free ears, and better hearing & speech too. Floyd called me this afternoon and said the boy is in great spirits and acting like a new kid. I'm sure if my ears were suddenly "unplugged" for the first time in 3 months I'd be a new person too. Hah.

Highlight of the morning? The nurse telling me about how some babies have a really hard time coming off the anesthesia... they are crazy and loopy and just out of sorts. Quote: "And for some reason, the red-heads take it the worst."

Lowlight of the morning? She was right. He definitely took the 'recovery room' the worst. Quote from onlooking mom: "Good luck."

He was happy as a clam once we got him home and back in his crib. He likes his quiet, dark nursery. He doesn't like doctors offices and O2 sensors on his toes and hospital gowns. Me neither!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

three takes on a family photo.

easter fun

scenes from the hunt in the fisher family backyard!

I'll be 26 weeks on Tuesday... here's the updated profile!

so, first thing easter morning...

the Easter bunny arrived, bringing a 'Hot Wheels' car, egg shaped sidewalk chalk, and new cups for playing in the tub! (this bunny also left some Robins Eggs malted treats for Floyd, and Runts eggs for Evelyn... mmm!)

it seems the gorgeous spring weather and pollen also provided our always allergic child with some very puffy red eyes this morning that didn't seem to respond to the Benedryl either...

We're waiting on the lamb to finish in the oven and then will head over to the Fishers to celebrate Easter with the family.

This little boy needs some more shut eye before we brave the egg hunt, and I'm praying he gets some relief from the itching/swelling. (oh yeah, Floyd is doped up on Benedryl too... so he's getting his shut eye as well. These poor guys.)

More pictures to follow from the day's festivities. :)

a few more from our trip

RM loved the condo, because he could RUN all over... it had a long open hallway from the front door to the porch overlooking the ocean, and he would tear up and down without slowing down.
Climbing on the couches (and having a tickle fight) was also lots of fun. The pictures on the deck are from "High Tides at Snack Jack's" where we ate last year. RM's great grandfather used to love this restaurant too.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

palm coast... first day on the beach!

We have had a lot of fun exploring the Palm Coast this year. RM is NOT a fan of dirty hands, uncertain of the water, and very cautious all together. But once he forgets about those things, he does run around like any toddler and has a blast.