Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the 'charlie brown' hair-do

Some may argue it wasn't really time to take the clippers to our bald son's head, others who got a close up view of the "Skullet" that had developed on the back of his head were definitely voting for the cut. Evelyn & Floyd finally decided to go for it and get the boy 'cleaned up' a little.
Most kids probably get their first cut at home, and future cuts at the salon. We took advantage of the 'Very First Haircut' for a penny at Jellybeans, and will most likely pull out the clippers at home for all of RM's future trims. The fuzz he has so far seems to be much more similar in texture to Floyd's, so it's gonna stay pretty short. :)
RM loved his haircut. When they pulled out the clippers, he was so fascinated by the buzzing tickle on the back of his head that he just froze... which made for a pretty quick and easy job!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

wednesday images... a few days later

highlights from Aunt Nancy's last week: bathtime with Georgia. No, she does not have a tan, her natural skin tone is really that amazing. Red's is well, PALE with a slight tint of FAIR.

lowlights from Aunt Nancy's last week: RM fighting off his double ear infections still, combined with a new wheezing issue and lovely cough. Poor boy. He was less than thrilled about this - naturally.
We'll await to see if this wheezing is especially related to the Bradford Pear Trees beginning to bud in G-vegas this week...

Monday, February 16, 2009

tootie's fabrics!

Tootie may regret this, i really hope she doesn't, because I love these fabrics. Anyway, these will be in her dining room soon... I just wanted to take a quick picture of them before i shipped them off! The print will be on her table, skirted to the floor, and the green is drapes, the stripe are chair covers... I love it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


seventeen weeks, 2009 edition

So, in case y'all need a comparison of just how much smaller I was at 17 wks during the 2007 round, you can check out the flash back. This was the first bump watch picture we took of RM, so I decided to be consistent and start at the same benchmark. Grow baby grow!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

snug as a bug in a pack n play

my sweet MIL said he looks like me in this picture today. i have to record it. i don't think i've ever heard a Gibbs family member say he looked like me before. Hah! :)

Monday, February 09, 2009

picture messages i love this week...

this was my wonderful wednesday pix message from Aunt Nancy, letting me know RM had awoken from his nap... he has the post-three-hour-snooze glazed eyes look going strong.

RM spent the night with his Oma & Pops for the first time! Oma took him to the gym with her Saturday morning and wore him out -- it was quite the social hour. This is him catching his ZZZ's on the way home.

Yay! Floyd came home from LA on Friday, and we've had 60+ degree weather since he returned. We've been going to the park every day. This was today.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

it's the little things... and sometimes the not so little things...

the kitchen re-do in our house has been a three year project. We bite off little bits as we are able to and hope for the best! Three years ago we coated the entire room in paint - eliminating the dark wood cabinets, the lovely brown paneling on the walls, and the very dingy ceiling. We also started removing the chocolate brown appliances one by one, starting with the fridge. Since then we've replaced the oven, and installed a dishwasher (hurray!) and finally, this month, pulled out the cooktop, hood vent, and countertops! The best part about this re-do in my opinion, is the fact that my Floyd did it. I am beaming with pride, and it makes the updates that much sweeter because HE worked so hard to create it!
(Disclaimer: We do have some paint touch up work to do, and patching the cabinets beside the hood vent... but i wanted y'all to get the impression. I love my blue glass tiles!)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

RM's baptism... 01.11.2009

So, yes, I am slightly behind on this one, but I wanted to share some glimpses of our day when RM was baptized a few weeks ago. Many family members and several friends came to worship with us and stand with us as we took these vows for raising our son and committed to trusting in our Sovereign Father for his upbringing. It was pretty incredible too, that these loved ones of ours take it so seriously too. Now y'all are really on the hook for the next 17 years. Hah! We also put a new spin on the term 'infant baptism' -- seeing how RM is most definitely NOT an infant anymore. I think that rang the truest when he took the liberty to swat our pastor's hand away after he poured water on his head, giving Grant a look of, "Hey man, we were really cool until you pulled that stunt."

After church everyone headed over to our humble abode to eat brunch together, and watch the little ones go absolutely ape together. The three cousins present decided to have a very jovial screaming match in the hallway (it echos real nicely) while they were playing. It was pretty stinking hilarious.

you may note in the picture here of KK and Aunt Amy, the kickin' hood vent featured in a lovely chocolate brown color. IT has since left the house! HURRAY! More pictures to come of the kitchen re-do, courtesy of my Floyd.

this boy + his blanket + his thumb = pure bliss.
just before Grant got 'that look' from RM.
During the ever so fun yelling match in the hall. This picture also displays the shortalls that I simply adore.
The boys circled round the table after dinner, chatting... and pretending not to hear the chaos in the nursery... East Coast Cousins Rule. (Sorry Tootie & Boone, I had to throw that in there.) The ECC crew with their Oma & Pops.