Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aunt Nancy Wednesdays...

Today is that day of the week... when Aunt Nance has a mini-cousins-camp at her house. The only thing missing are the 3 other sisters and 5 other offspring, right Nanni? Ah, Sister Week, that was fun! Anyway, it has recently been RAINING most Wednesdays, which makes for a harder day for everyone cooped up inside. You're such a great mom/aunt Nanni, and I'm so grateful for you! And your picture messages (like the one above) are my favorite part of my Wednesdays in the office.

tree farm + mud + 2 wheel drive = AAA Carolinas

So, yeeeeah... those pictures from our T'giving adventure are on someone else's camera... i don't have them yet. Maybe i will get them eventually, but let me close the loop for now.

Thanksgiving weekend we ventured out as a family for the nostalgic "Choose and Cut" Christmas Tree selection event at a local tree farm near the in-law's house in NC. It was a dreary, foggy, drizzly day, but our spirit could not be dampened... we were excited about letting RM toddle between the trees and have a cup of cider while we waited on some lovely gentleman to tie our tree atop the car.

Well, needless to say, the nostalgia died about three minutes after arriving and realizing the Tree Farm was closed. Bummer. We went to turn around (and by now, drizzle was quickly turning into freezing rain) and sloshed deep into the mud of the farm path... after much spinning and gritting and pushing and turning... that car just wasn't gonna budge. Floyd even had the pleasure of lying down in the mud to anchor the winch rope to the frame under the car... LOVELY. Our neighbor's rescue attempt was unfortunately unsuccessful.

Several hours later we returned to the site with AAA Carolinas to have it towed out.

Two weeks later, I can report that we do have a tree, and RM has learned a new word. "TREE!!!!"