Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy!

Woooowie! Amy's 30!!! Here's to the youngest 30 year old I know, and my favorite sister-in-law by far! Love you Amy... you are such a sweet friend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the second time around

in the past 14 weeks my body has become host yet again to another human being - a thrilling time for us as a family. i always wondered what the differences would be 'the second time around' and was eager to see what this season had in store. this little report here on my first trimester part deux is more for my own posterity:

1. The nausea factor was the EXACT same. So from weeks 7-14, tapering off 13/14th weeks, I have battled mild morning sickness. Opted for Flinstone vitamins this time rather than the full strength prenatal horse pills, which my body has really, really appreciated.
2. Cravings have been just as intense as last time, albeit a bit different. With RM, i could eat Easy Mac and Grilled Cheese twice a day. With this little one, I want Corndogs or Bagels... all the time. Aversion - Poultry. I cannot stand the sight or smell of chicken.
3. Exhaustion. Maybe I was this tired last time, but i definitely feel more tired than ever this time. I suppose keeping up with RM has its part in that aspect of things, but getting in bed at 8 or 8:30 does not seem ridiculous to me right now.
4. I feared a little that I would not have the emotional or mental excitement with this pregnancy that is so natural with the first. Silly me. There is definitely a subdued outward expression for me (i.e. no need to scour websites for the latest and greatest baby products really... and i'm not quite as crazy about checking out the celebrity baby blogs - Hah) but my heart is already growing with a fondness for this little one that I didn't anticipate would be so strong. And, I know it sounds crazy, but I swear I have already felt this little one moving about. I didn't notice RM's movements until 18 or 19 weeks.

So that's my wrap. We will hopefully find out the gender of this baby Feb. 27th!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

wonderful windy wednesday

This is my weekly picture message from my sweet sister... documenting the boy during our insanely windy day here in Greenville yesterday. OMA is responsible for the absolutely adorable 'trapper' style hat he is wearing. He kept it on real well and stayed warm during their playtime outside.