Saturday, July 31, 2010

the ten year reunion

so, I'm not a super nostalgic person. but i have no regrets about my educational experience and wanted to take part in the formal ritual that is 'the ten year reunion' event. now i am reflecting on that rite-of-passage which has officially been checked off of the list.

lets not kid ourselves - these things are a bizarre cocktail. it's two parts awkward, one part fun, and a twist of 'who the hell are those three dudes??'

So when you arrive, you can't claim, "i don't know you" or do the weird 'glance away' thing... because clearly, everyone did infact go to school together. you have to talk. that's why you came to the event after all. but somehow the same little groups of people still manage to segment off. the weird girls are still misunderstood. the basketball players all manage to sit at the same table. some people look better or the same; some people look, well, like ten years has passed. there are individuals you talk to and think, 'hey, it would have been cool to have been friends in high school. how come we weren't friends?' but you don't ask those questions. instead you ask the questions that no one wants to ask or answer. 'where are you now? and what do you DO? and how's so-and-so?'

it's an interesting look at 'what matters' in life. and how to extend grace. you worry about it, want to look your best, and then - hopefully - laugh at the process. my mother-in-law and I talked about it beforehand, and she had a profound perspective to offer. I'm not sure she even thought about how much I examined her sentiments, but i did. She said, "You know, everyone there is figuring themselves out still... much more than they imagined they'd be figuring themselves out ten years later. But just have fun with it!" And I did. From the moment Will and I went to pick up my friend Trish, to the moment we had to leave because he was having a food allergy reaction, I really enjoyed the whole experience.

when we looked at the schedule: dinner, comedians, DJ - we thought, 'okay - so if it gets TOO bizarre at least there is 'stuff' to make us avoid talking to each other.' But at the end of the night, I think most people thought that the food wasn't the best, the comedians were crass, and the DJ was too loud. The only thing that people seemed to want more of was actual conversation. Hearing from these people who had a shared experience, but who had all gone in very different directions from that central point that was Riverside High School. It was really cool to see that we still identify with one another despite our differences. That most people really did let their guard down and engage with former classmates in a way that was far less superficial than I had expected. Everyone seemed to be okay with the 'figuring it all out' stage of life. And that's pretty good for twenty-eight years old. And those "three dudes" i didn't recognize? Yeah, they were the comedians.

We had to leave when Will's throat started closing due to the sesame seeds ingested. I'd much rather have a living, breathing husband than nostalgia. He was the most handsome one in the room, too. (Superficial gold star for me.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clementine & Junebug

These adorable girls are ONE. I can't remember where I heard it first, but whomever said, "The days are long, but the years are short" put it so well. There are long days with little ones, but when you celebrate a milestone like this one, you can't help but feel a twinge of sadness over how quickly it passes. I can't tell you how happy I am that we actually got a picture of these girls like this on their party day. Both were wiped out and ready for a nap at this point!

Sisters and babies. Recalling the heat last summer, just before the end of our pregnancies, makes the triple-digit weather so much more bearable.

The 'big kids' eating their lunch on the front 'lawn' (a.k.a. MOSS). RM has just been so enamored by GA lately. See how he's giggling at her? Anytime I suggest we are going for a visit with cousins, his reply is something along the lines of "WOW!!!"

I am still absolutely floored by this confection creation that Lauren made for the girls' birthday. It was absolutely more stunning that photos could ever suggest. And it is all made of cake and icing. Completely edible. She really has an incredible talent - this is only her fourth cake she's done like this! (And the first girls' cake, we're so glad!)

The comparison between how C ate her cake and how J handled the same are a great exercise in showing the contrast in personalities. See how Clementine takes a dainty finger to her icing? She tasted it, and liked it, and contentedly did the same for about 25 minutes, while taking in the chaos around her.

J however, chose to smash her palms into the icing, squish it between her fingers and fists, and then screamed about how awful this goo was all over her hands. When she got a small taste of it, she shuddered and screamed louder. For those of you who are around her enough to have sampled her appetite for SCREAMING... well, you get the picture. A very short video below. She knows what she likes, and she knows what she doesn't like. I will never be able to argue otherwise! :)

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

birthday girl

On June's first birthday, we didn't make much fuss. It seemed to make more sense to hold the 'big bash' for the weekend. But Floyd did surprise his favorite daughter with these cute flowers. I like to think she thinks they are perfect. He's such a stud. She did go to the School of the Little People, where they took some cute pictures as well and oooh-ed and aaah-ed over THE BUG turning one.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a year ago today...

a year ago today, i waddled into my OB's office for an appointment i had kindly demanded because she was going out of town. i then very desperately told her that i was a day shy of 40 weeks, my last child had been born at 38, so research proved that i was indeed 2 weeks overdue. she poked, she prodded. she told me to come back the next day to have a baby. fortunately, the magical maneuver brought on labor overnight. and so, on her due date, we met the Bug. but i'll save that for tomorrow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


our neighbors, Bill & Edna, have the prettiest, tallest sunflowers in their backyard. in honor of Junebug's upcoming birthday, we tried to capture these beautiful flowers so we can remember them when it is cold again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

streaming thoughts.

7:15am - waking up to that really nice alarm on the blackberry isn't so bad. hmm, i like that. oooh, do i smell coffee? did Floyd set the timer last night? brilliant.

7:30am - hmmm, she's up. guess it's a good thing i washed my hair last night. I'm glad her dadda gets to snatch a quick smooch from her before he dashes out.

7:55am - where is that blasted purse? i'm really going to need that today. Ahh, there's the bleary-eyed boy up the stairs. wonder what he wants for breakfast.

8:18am - clothes. clothes. get clothes on because babysitters will be here soon. and when will the boy outgrow this fascination with submurging his fingers in the milk/bowl while eating cheerios?

8:28am - oooh, my coworker beat the babysitters here and she is all put together and professional and has cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in pre-fueled car ready to drive to Columbia. How does she do it? oh yeah... she doesn't have kids.

8:42am - babysitters! i see babysitters! and my sister with her brood. yeeeeah, we're gonna be late.

drive to Columbia
have staff meeting
drive home from Columbia

5:00pm - Ahh, home early. Did these four happy children nap and read books and enjoy their babysitters' role as play conductors extrordinaire? I think they did indeed!

5:15pm - Of course, as lone adult in the house I WOULD GET BUGGLED NOW. While trying to make dinner. Dear Lord, can she really not be set at a lower volume?

5:55pm - we're eating! Floyd and sweet sister are here! We made it, hurray! And the bug screams on!

6:00pm - oh, she filled her diaper. Again. should i be relieved that there is a reason for the screaming right now?

7:00pm - Does Floyd really want to run? After burritos? Welps, okay. Load 'em up and move 'em out. Lets do this.

8:00pm - I should take a shower. But I really need her to finish this bottle so i can put her down and find out what kind of two-year-old mischief is being made downstairs. How does Floyd always sneak into the shower first after we run?

8:23pm - Did he really just say, "rock me back and forth" after I read the book 'Love You Forever' to him??? I think my heart just melted.

is it really quiet?
Ah, Amy's calling.


9:30pm - Is that Red screaming? I've got to hang up the phone... YES, you did throw up sweet boy. YES, it is everywhere. YES, it is a mess - oh poor baby. Oh that smell.

9:45pm - well, he seems better after a massive sponge bath and teeth scrubbing and cuddle fest. did he just tell me he needs eggs, not horsies for his easter basket? vast improvement. damn these fitted sheets.

10:00pm - NO honey, there is no more throw up in that bed. YES, i'll show it to you, it's in this huge nasty, stinky pile of laundry right here. YES, your doggies and giraffe have to go for a wash. NO, miraculously your big DAH (for better or for worse) did not thrown up on. YES i'd love to rub your back.

pretreating. laundry. folding. blogging.

10:59pm- should definitely close my eyes now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

sunday night musing

I should be getting ready for the week, but there's nothing quite like putting it off. it's been storming for about two-ish hours, the rain on the roof is delightful. our plants are actually smiling and sighing with relief at this bounty showering upon them.

I've decided that while everyone thinks RM is the wild-man, and the Bug is famous for her Buggling, i really should note some pretty cute differences between them recently. it's hard to believe -again- her birthday is ten days away. And he'll be THREE in September.


Today at church I had Junie in the 'cry room' due to a very unfortunately diaper rash. When a friend came in with her one year old, Junie decided to bait him. She'd crawl around an ottoman and just shriek, giggle, and flash her eyes at him. Then she'd dart back the other way and repeat the same flirtatious game. This went on for what seemed like ten minutes while Jack just shyly grinned at her curiously, while clutching his momma's skirt.

At the pool this evening, she constantly tried to leap out of my arms into the water. She lurches forward as fast as she can, and submerges just enough of her face to startle herself. Laughs, wipes her eyes, and does it again. She's crazy.

When we run with the P&T stroller, she clutches the back of RM's seat, or leans out the side, and lets the wind blow through her hair, and shrieks for joy. It's as though the adrenaline rush is her favorite part of life.


Today at church, RM asked no less than ten people what their name was. What they were doing. Why they were doing that. He'd tell them his name is Red Gibbs and I don't think he thinks any more information about himself is generally their business. His business is everyone else's business. He is the most communicative person in his class, which the teacher says is pretty helpful.

At the pool, RM played all over the deck, in the grass, around the picnic table, and monopolized the corn-hole tournament. Getting in the pool was not of interest to him. Fishing with a rope extended into the pool, yes. Never a SLOW or dull moment, but still: Captain Caution.

When we run with the P&T stroller... he asks us why we're doing that. where we are going. And then he tells us to slow down.

So what do you think. Who's the wild child? :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

RM: "I see a speeder. Speeder cars go reeery fast. wike dis: mmmmmmerm! Mom, make our car zoom wike dat.".

June: "Aaaah.".

RM: "She's zooming like a car."

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Evelyn: What do you want for breakfast?

RM: I waaaaaant, oatmealk, and green chips, and peppers, and oatmealk with peppers!

Hmmm. Definitely need to rephrase.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

America! America! God Shed His Grace on Thee...

For the past two years we have had the pleasure of going to the mountains for the Fourth of July. Last year, we thought that 'labor' had commenced and had to return to Greenville early to make sure we were within shouting distance of my OB. I think I had a glimpse of Junebug's personality a couple of weeks before I met her that day. This weekend was remarkably mis-hap free, but FULL to the brim with FUN.

Highlights? Cashiers Mountain Music Festival. Hiking 14 miles. Swimming, Cliff Jumping, Waterfall Sliding. Laughing. Eating fresh bounty. Grilling out. Napping. Quiet moments with Family & Friends. Busy moments with wee ones. Floyd doing a flip off of Turtle Back Falls and making every ten year old boy's day there.

Lowlights? Two-Year-Old Discipline. I hate it, and yet need to gain more courage to handle his growing independence and determination. Realizing our son had a run-in with a Black Bear on the driveway... all by himself. Cristy not having the essential 'socks' to improve her waterfall sliding technique. Whoooops.

Two sleepy munchkins rocking in the hammock with their daddy. Notice how calm the Buggle is... she melted while swinging. Containment. Peace (ish). Purple Mountains Majesties.

this boy was in HEAVEN. Old cars, a giant tractor to sit on, musical performances at the Village Green, a playground from dreamland. Busy, busy, busy world!

If there had been a watermelon eating contest, she would have dominated the field. It is her fruit of choice this summer. And I'm so glad we caught this facial expression on camera.

I should try and locate the picture of us in front of the same waterfall from 2000. Ten years later and we still get to jump in the same cool river water and hike through the Gorges State Park together. Nothing could be finer.

Our dear friend Cristy got to come up! She and I have had great adventures together in life since we became friends in seventh grade. Jumping off together into that deep, cold mountain stream was exhilarating. Thanks for still making me laugh so hard C, and for being up for just about anything. I love it.