Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

we had a wonderful thanksgiving in the mountains... Had the meal with twenty-five people we don't really know, watched several ladies pass our baby around the room, sat on the couch and watched football, fried a couple birds, drank wine, went for a hike, and took part in the annual christmas tree hunt.

Highlights of the weekend? Floyd sleepwalking... into his parents room... demanding his father "Scoot over" ... and crawling in bed with them.

Lowlights of the weekend? Floyd sleepwalking... without a stitch of clothing on.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is my husband. I'm at least glad to say that his sleepwalking habits seem to only manifest about once every ten years.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

cooking again.

when i gave birth seven weeks ago, i literally thought, how do people do this? Meaning - have a child and find time to do anything else ever again. I started a running list in my head of things that would definitely have to be eliminated indefinitely from my daily routine: drying my hair, making the bed, cleaning the house, COOKING, etc.
Well, i know all of you professional mothers are smiling. I am just happy because i am doing all of these things, sometimes with more ease than i ever did before :)
Here's me cooking a meal during the "fussy" time of day. He's sacked out. NICE.

happy nap

of course, once i post about getting lots of sleep, i have two not-so-good nights in a row. pray this trend doesn't continue tonight :)

Here's RM grinning on our bed while getting a nap this morning.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

more sleep for me please!

i am pleased to announce that our boy has started going 6 hours between feedings most nights... okay, so actually, he's had a growth spurt the last two days and wanted to eat every 2 hours all day and all night, but for the last week, i feed him at 11pm and he'll go until 4:30 or 5am! I realize this may be small potatoes for my six week old when some babies start going all night at four weeks (I'll let them remain nameless to protect their mothers from the wrath of sleep deprived other mothers). But, we're pretty happy about it in our house!
Oh, and did i mention he loves his crib now? When he's sleepy he just wants to be thrown in there and left alone... well, alone with his pacifier.

Uncle Wheeeeeel! ... Nephew Olice!

Olice and Will have this really weird little game they play. Whenever O sees W, he says, "Uncle Wheeeel!" (yes, he already has that much Kountry in his prounciation). W one day just started responding with "Nephew Olice!" So now, even when W is not around, if we talk about him, Olice plays the game all by himself. He'll say Uncle Wheel, pause for a minute and then yell: "Nephew Olice!" It's pretty hilarious.
Here's the O-man visiting this week and wearing Uncle Wheel's hat. He loves it.

the proof is in... the basement

just so you all know, we now have heat. Real heat, not the space heater kind that still left the tile floor like ice in the morning. woo hoo! sometimes after RM is asleep, Will and I go downstairs to sit and watch the new furnace cycle on and off. We're trying to get our money's worth... you know, utilities budget, entertainment budget, etc.