Wednesday, March 09, 2011

big girl seat

June's vocabulary explosion has begun. She talks constantly at home, although she still acts shy and is slow to warm to new places and people. But when she knows her 'mama' and 'dadee' are close by at HOME, she acts like a total extrovert. Her highest frustration still centers on an inability to communicate exactly her wants and desires. One of her most recent words (there are so many to chose from) is 'SEAT!' She will tell me to sit in her rocking chair (SEAT) and read books. She will tell me she wants to get in her booster SEAT to eat. We had the little table and chairs in our dining room for a cousin meal and since then, June sits there about 15 times a day just so that she can say the word SEAT! with good cause. This picture is of her first meal at a big girl SEAT, and you can tell from her expression, she is VERY pleased. She has to be able to do this to sit at the table in the next class up at preschool soon too, so we're working on it for that reason too!

Friday, March 04, 2011

sleepless conversations

I crawled in bed to snuggle a Red at 9:45 tonight. He said, "You're my best friend." I think that meant thank-you-i-love-you-this-is-fun in three year old lingo.

RM told me that sleep was hard to get tonight. He genuinely wants to please, and doesn't want to disappoint by getting out of his bed. But when he has napped, the sleep sincerely escapes him. And it is puzzling for that to happen, when you are three.

He passed along quite a bit of other information too. He told me that Geckos climb trees and play hide and seek. He doesn't like tumbleweeds because they roll very fast. But he thought I should know that camels can eat the spikes on cactus plants. I actually got online tonight to look it up and verify this information. Huh. Bizarre.