Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RM meets some of the McCurley Family!

"Memaw" and John Michael came through town on their way to the mountains last week! It was such a treat to get to see them, even though they weren't able to stay long. (Will had been sick with a very high fever and sore throat... we didn't want him to get near them!)

Anyway, they got to meet RM and he was happy to soak up a little loving from more adoring extended family members. Memaw & John Michael, we loved seeing you, and hope your time in the mountains was very relaxing!

did i say soon? lemme esplane...

When i promised, "video soon!" to document the 'crawling' for RM's fan club, what i really meant was the when-it-happens-again kind of soon that inevitably doesn't happen once you declare to the world they can see it, 'soon'. So we wait. Because we're back to the rocking and YAYAYAY, DAH, YAYAYAY, YA-DAH vocal patterns for now. But trust me, with mobility on the horizon, we're loving every final minute of the stationary-but-frustrated-because-i-want-to-move stage. You'll get there buddy.

So, i got pooped on today. I was trying to think of a gentle lead-in, you know, give you some preliminary explanation, and even now i'm really tempted to tell you all about how I was being a conscientious parent by letting his little rear air out, but the bottom line is, i got pooped on. He thought the aftermath was quite fun, and baths are always a splashing good time, so what's not to love about crapping on your mom's lap?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


it's starting... he's figured something out... only he hasn't figured out the "forwards" motion yet. So far it's only backwards that he's mastered...
video soon :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

oh what a face

just love this expression too much not to share... it's such a mischievous one.

a few more from the beach trip... (see below for other shots!)

the fives have made it around to me...

1. 5 things under $5 that I couldn't live without

* a good dish brush (right Tootie, no automatic washer)
* decent flip flops
* the free, hospital edition diaper bag i'm sportin'
* oreos (problem area for me right now)
* organic milk (fetish)

2. 5 Favorite Movies

* Love Actually
* Garden State
* Once
* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
* Nacho Libre

3. 5 Baby names I love

* Thomas Howell
* Clare Baker
* Mary
* Red Marshall

4. 5 Songs I could listen to over and over again.

* The Kite Song (Rosie Thomas)
* Sliding Down (Edgar Meyer, Mike Marshall, Bela Fleck)
* New Soul (Yael Naim)
* Keys to the Kingdom (William F. Gibbs)
* Homeward Bound (Wendell Kimbrough)

5. 5 People who have influenced me in a positive way

* My Floyd
* My Sisters
* My Parents
* My Boss
* Red Marshall Gibbs

6. 5 things that are always in my purse

* Never carry one. Always have three things: Wallet, Keys, Blackberry
* Do try to carry diaper bag with: diapers, wipes, buttocks cream, burp cloth
* I'm never guaranteed to have - should keep better track of: debit card, license

7. 5 moments that have changed my life forever

* A breathtaking proposal in Breckenridge Colorado
* Marrying my Floyd
* Experiencing God
* Sept. 28, 2007 - RM's arrival
* Getting my first job

8. 5 Obsessions I have now

* Cooking Light
* Gardening (I planted a garden! more on that later...)
* Crawl-proofing my home...
* Getting our master bathroom DONE
* Finding cheap tickets to Colorado

9. 5 places I would like to go

* Ireland
* A tropical, all inclusive resort. My only request is to swim to the bar.
* Victoria Island
* Dubai
* The Netherlands

10. 5 appliances/kitchen tools i couldn't live without:

* Coffee Pot
* Toaster Oven
* Orange Peeler (seriously... i don't peel without this little piece of plastic.)
* Pampered Chef scraper
* If I only have four, does that mean I need to cook more? :)

Alright, Trish, Lauren, Essbee, Conner, Ru, Beth, Emily... lets hear it :)

Palm Coast, FL

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Nance - we love you!

oh his hands and knees and rocking...

don't have video of it yet, but RM is definitely up on his hands and knees rocking... seems my chunka is learning that mobility is in his future. SHOOOT! Not that I wanted him to be my little budda-belly-boy forever, but I thought i a couple more months beforoe i needed to start crawl-proofing the house. So... any tips?

Monday, May 05, 2008

umm... a couple more before Cinco is over...

So again, if you didn't see the previous post below, these are a couple of CINCO DE ROJO shots taken while RM and his daddio were having some quality time together today, and unfortunately, i was outta town most of the day. RM was given this sombrero as a gift from a fraternity brother of Floyd's, especially in honor of his pale complexion. (If you know Evelyn&Floyd at all, you know our offspring has no hope of ever getting a tan... ever.) So, we thought today to be a great day for RM to debut his very special, and festive gift. Thanks Hawk & Lisa! He loves it.

cinco de rojo

this (and more on facebook) courtesy of Floyd.