Friday, February 18, 2011

two evenings.

The end of the nap. How sad, but it is happening. We are still in that 'nap purgatory' stage of sorts... He can make it two days sans nap, but then he's gotta crash. Here are two evenings juxtaposed. The first was a nap afternoon. Today was not.

Last night RM kept getting out of bed. Finally, very exacerbated, he explained, "My bed is taking forever!" We think he believes that his bed is his vehicle to dreamland much in the same way a microwave is to Tyson's chicken nuggets.

This evening I braved the grocery store. 6pm on a Friday night, with a 3 year old and 18 month old in tow. He hadn't napped. I strapped them in the over sized 'car-cart' and steered the enormous load around the store for an hour, wielding coupons and list. He dragged his fingers along the floor as i cruised one aisle. Then legs started dangling out of the 'windshield' then the 'door' then the 'back window' and finally across Junie's shoulders. Three times I rescued Nemo fruit snacks, Starburst, and Captain Crunch 'All Berries Cereal' from his grip. He sobbed all the way to the car. Crashed at 7:45 after a good scrub down to eliminate the grocery goo. I can't tell who was more tired.

Oh, and I lost more than my sanity in that grocery store. If anyone visits Publix tomorrow and finds a sock and a hairbow, both disappeared, most likely in the frozen food section. We did find both shoes, I am pleased to report.

PS - I saved $54. I still hate couponing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Ain't Yo Mama's Pot Pie

So, like my friend Ru, I took the Southern Living challenge and took a stab at their cover dish this month. My mouth literally started watering the second I looked at that magazine. I'm pleased to report it was DELISH!!! I'm not a big fan of the same old green beans and peas and what not in my pot pie, so when this one called for leeks, gobs of fresh parsley, and peppered hashbrowns -- well, it's GOOD. If you don't believe me, make it yourself!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

swinging in the sun

Fresh air... and signs of spring on the way. Can you see his face? ELATION. Her? She's tired. But life is great!

Balemtines Breakfast

Valentine's dinner

Floyd grew up with a tradition of a family 'valentine's dinner' celebration, which we are trying to recreate and continue with our family. RM has an extrordinary zest for holidays and celebrations in general. Sometimes at night he asks me to tell him about birthdays, and whatever holiday is nearest. We have been celebrating Valentines for a week, I think. He loves it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Floyd

My Floyd wears a lot of hats. Doting Father. Supportive Husband. Extraordinary Musician. Accidental Carpenter. Former Teacher, Barista, Industrial Project Manager, Contractor, Sonic Branding Marketer. Waterfall Jumper. Worship Leader. Professional Leaf Blower in October. Pollen escape artist in March. Pyromaniac when dead Christmas trees are found. Some of these 'hats' were worn years ago, some are in regular rotation. No matter what, he is always my constant source of encouragement and companionship - I couldn't have asked for better.
Recently, we found out that he will yet be wearing another, as our lives take a different direction this fall. Last week he received a confirmation letter telling us that he will be a student again, pursuing a J.D. over the next few years. I am so proud of him, and glad to stand alongside him as we pursue this opportunity for his career.