Friday, August 31, 2007

Our sweet nephew Olice is TWO!

The icing ran a little after nancy and i worked so hard, but they still look delicious! Olice's favorite colors: yellow, orange, and blue.

Olice digging into his cupcake...

Olice with his Uncle Will... (or "Uncle Wheeeeeel!")

Reading a favorite library book with his Nana

Getting a little help from Mommy to open the presents

Helping Daddy assemble the new John Deere barn ("Here's the hay dad.")

Baby Georgia partied for a little while too.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Birmingham Wedding...

This weekend we joined our friends Lauren Matthews & Cameron Cole to worship and celebrate with them in their marriage. It was a weekend full of lots of fun events and opportunities to see old friends. Here are a few images of the weekend.

Megan Matthews, Cristy Lollis, me, Megan Wells

All of the bridesmaids with the bride

partying it up after the rehersal dinner: Cameron & Lauren, Cristy & Oliver, Evelyn & Floyd

Meg Matthews, me, and the beautiful bride during the "bachelorette extravaganza"

Monday, August 13, 2007

ebay and nesting...

i know the subject of this post sounds dangerous... but here's how the story went.

Evelyn was having a very hard time with our living room layout... very frustrated, the jute rug wasn't working, and the coffee table tried to bite your shins everytime you passed by it. So off Evelyn went to ebay in search of an alternative solution. Enter hand knotted rug from some strange province in Iran, and some pictures that still didn't really confirm whether or not i would be a total sucker for bidding. So i closed my eyes, entered a maximum bid of $26 US dollars, and won. Not so bad. Three days later the suspicious package arrives on our doorstep and i chose to leave it there for a couple of days... because i was still nervous about it falling apart in my hands. When i finally got the courage to open said package, i was delightfully suprised at what i found. Here are some pictures of the updated space with our new addition to the family. (Don't worry, the jute rug found a better home in our bedroom.)

weekend warrior...

i know that "nesting" at this stage in a pregnancy is normal for women. i'm embracing it. And somehow i've successfully encouraged my dear husband to embrace it too. Actually, i think that the pressure washing machine was a greater encouragement... There is just something about immediate gratification (as comes with pressure washing 60 years of dirt off your stone terrace and sidewalk) that can inspire the Mr. Clean in us all. So here's to Floyd's efforts this weekend... And the fruits of those labors!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

gimpy Jim

Jim Hargate, III has had a couple of surgeries in the last few months, much to his dismay. His manhood was taken away, and then a couple of cysts were removed from his legs... needless to say, he became a little insecure what with the purple cast and then floppy lampshade he had to endure. At least he was kind enough to pose for a couple of shots...

Friday, August 03, 2007

"She's great... (pause) ...with child"

This was my husband's response to someone this week when asked, "How's your wife?" Obviously, I haven't been as inclined in recent weeks to join him on nightly excursions, much less a fun trip to the Bele Chere festival. I mean, lets be honest... good food, music, fun people watching, but at the price of swollen feet and staying up late? Not my cup of tea these days. It's true. I'm great. With child.