Tuesday, March 30, 2010

let the boyhood rites of passage begin: tree climbing


What is a Congressional Recess? You may wonder. In DC terms, it means 'the boss is out of town' so things are a little more relaxed. No votes, tie loosened, a little less stress. In State terms, it means 'the boss is in town' so, well... you get it. I do suppose for some offices, where the boss puts his feet up during Recess, it doesn't really change things much. Not my experience.

During these recesses, it's great to seize the opportunity and have the boss in front of his constituents. To hear him tell the people of his state what he is fighting for in Washington. Why it matters. Some politicians recycle the same speech over, and over, and over again. With this guy, after a dozen years in the business of public policy, he still manages to retain his common sense, and his ability to connect with real business people. The ones who vote, and pay their taxes, and want to make the country a little better for the next generation. I don't know if this feeling of urgency is because I'm so closely associated with the pulse of Washington, or if it's really a sign of the times. But either way, people are honestly concerned that America is at great risk of loosing its 'exceptionalism' in a way.

Yesterday was a good example of a Recess day. Phone calls. Meetings with business associations who want the Senator to know that his message resonates with voters. Voters who want their message on specific issues to resonate with their Member. A tour of a plant to see what high-tech manufacturing jobs are being created in his 'backyard' and what legislation concerns their leadership. An hour on talk radio fielding questions from listeners live on the air. A keynote speech to grassroots activists. A slideshow with special tribute music. The gentlemen singing 'God Bless America' in a way only captured in small town America: denim shirts, suspenders: perfection.

I kind of expected to know what the speech would be. Afterall, I've worked for him for seven years, been through campaigns, and most immediately, had sat through the talk-radio show. I'd been behind-the-scenes for the Sunday News Show coverage the day before. The message is clear for me. And yet, his delivery is personal each time. He was struck by candidates working the room, and their spouses who go through the grueling process by default. He encouraged folks to stay above the fray, because primaries in such a red state are hard on families, and always get personal. He talked about the impact that individual activists in their own communities can and do have - sharing the greater story of George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life. He was able to make the call for citizens not to grow weary of doing good without ever using the cliche phrases that can be so off putting of politicians. It was stated with the confidence of someone who has served on such local boards and commissions and raised a family and run a business: experience does matter.

I got home more than twelve hours after I left. Fell into bed early but it felt very late. It's hard on RM and J'bug and the friends who so graciously help us with them. Floyd endures an enormous amount of our shared household responsibilities for me to get to serve in such a capacity. But I am grateful for the opportunities and reminders of why I believe in what we are fighting for, and why I want to press on. And for me, it is a very short Recess, but a really wonderful life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

RM was talking on his *cell* today, on our way home from a post-church brunch. (Thx Buczkowskis!)

Conversation started like this:
"Hey witches. It's me."


Monday, March 15, 2010


ummm, yeah. List of thoughts:

1. Head cold set in... just when I thought i'd made it through winter sick-free. Must be the Ides of March... Need to wiki that phrase. Not sure I really even understand it.

2. Work is crazy busy. Hence the neglect on the 'virtual homefront' here. But don't you worry. We're doing nebulizer treatments like six times a day on RM and giving Junie Bear wet washcloths to chew on and D#$@ if she didn't just cut those two blasted bottom teeth. Finally!

3. Hubby got a new truck. Well, new to us. I gotta be honest (and a little shallow) - i do LOVE my man in a truck. He's really getting to me.

4. My girl is gonna be 8 months old in a few days. Starting to talk more. "MAH, MAH, MAH!" She still won't take food off a spoon - gag reflux is pretty severe. She'll eat french fries and teething biscuits though. Shhh, don't tell on me.

Monday, March 08, 2010

I have a handicap. In the grocery store. Get home and realize it's struck again.
Floyd: "Salsa?"
Me: "Yep!"
Floyd: "No chips?"
Med: "Doh!"

Same with you?

Had a meeting today, guy had a freaking staple gun in my office. Panic Button?
On the up side, it's 70 degrees and Spring is hurtling towards Greenville.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


LATELY... that's all I can come up with to title this post since it covers such a broad range... and because honestly, lately work has been the order of life. It's good, don't get me wrong - i love my job. It's just that, well, I've been a bit consumed there with recent changes. And I don't really think anyone has heard from me for that reason. So, here's the domestic report.

This could be a Carter's commercial. Five kids, all in blanket sleepers, on the couch, New Years Day. We had a sleep-over with the Fisher clan. I don't know who was more excited - these five monkeys or Uncle Reid. We all had fun.

Evelyn and Floyd had a really fun date night on Valentines weekend. Ten years since the first time Floyd asked me to be his Valentine, and I'm glad to still have the honor. Even if he still hasn't quite learned how to open his eyes fully for pictures. Anyway, we went to the Lazy Goat and ate tasty tapas. Then we walked across the bridge over the Reedy River, to take in WICKED at the Peace Center. (The last broadway show we saw together, incidentally, was Les Miserables in 2000!)

Junie and Clementine, matching outfits are pretty much going to be a way of life as often as 'Antsy' and I can pull it off. We really can't resist an opportunity. Especially now that you two are sitting up so nicely and grinning and interacting together. Just too cute.

This morning: She looks so peaceful, doesn't she? At times, she can do that. But we can vouch that we've never quite heard another baby exercise their lungs in quite the same way either. She LOVES that Daddy. Stares at him, sticks her tongue out and grins. Tucks her chin and plays coy. But as soon as that smile appeared it can be replaced by screeching and tears. And he just says, "I don't know what you want baby girl." Foreshadowing of teenage years already?

Monday, March 01, 2010

This is our town

Can you tell I'm a little bit proud of where we live? Can you? Seriously, I'm doing a little dance around my office and wishing I had a bottle of champagne, and a husband in town to celebrate. But since I don't, YOU all can just know that it makes me REAL proud to call this place home. If you don't know how awesome our city is... well now there are nearly 30 pages printed in this month's US Airways Magazine to confirm it. Just in case you needed it. So thank you, local leaders, Greenville residents, for making this place so fabulous.

**photo snagged from US Airways website**