Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i had a date with this guy last week. and tonight we are having another. it's a new year's resolution of sorts: dating more. the truth is, sometimes i get too focused on 'what needs to be done' in my job as an employee or as a mother and fail to pay enough attention to the privilege it is to be his wife.

as you can tell from this photo - taken during one of his travels last year that took him far and wide across the country and beyond borders - he is funny. he also charms my socks off. and when we are able to sit down and focus and enjoy it for a couple of hours, we have a really, really good time.

i'm excited. and also wondering what to wear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the half birthday

Junie Bear. What I want to remember about this time:

You've learned to hold the 'tripod' pose quite well lately. But capturing a grin like this is next to impossible. You're a rather stoic young lady.

Although you girls might not know it yet, you are best friends.

The 'half birthday' crew cuddling while you napped.

Dearest baby girl, you are already six months old.
I'll be honest, there have been moments when I wished away your tiny baby stage - when you were inconsolible some nights early on. Lately though, I have found myself clinging to you a little bit tighter. Hoping you'll be still and let me cuddle you just a bit longer. That I can freeze frame this time in my mind and pull it back up when you are toddling away from me soon.
Today you spent the morning at Oma's house, and she took these delightful pictures. You had Antsy, G-lou, Clemie, and Reddy for company too. I went straight from work to take you to the doctor's office so we could find out about a yucky cough you've been fighting for several days. Turns out, you have your first ear infection. And getting the antibiotic in you might just take an act of Congress.
Right now you are down the hall in your crib, sleeping soundly next to the hum of the vaporizer. Your brother is potty training this week, which garners lots of attention, and you gladly offer those priceless smiles up for him. We've been keeping you awake a few minutes after that crazy boy goes to bed though just so we can stare back into those attentive eyes and get to know you a little more. I hope we are always close - that this bond we've formed in six short months doesn't dim. You make me beam with pride just by your being alive.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Wanna hear the excuses i got for why RM couldn't eat his peas the other day? All phrases accompanied by wide-eyed expression of delight and wonder:

1. "Gummies!?!?!?!?"
2. "Shhhh. They (the peas) are sleeping."
3. "Hear dat? Wisten! I hear da cheese."
4. "Ice Cream!?!?!?!"
5. "Mommy bike dat pea?"
6. "Awwwergic. Reddy Awwwergic." (pointing to peas.)

Seriously. I'm not kidding. Lately, he's been using these other tactics. Humoring me. Humoring himself. Asking if I want a bite. Requesting items NOT on the menu, some of which he is actually allergic to. Insisting that he is allergic to the one nutritious option.

When people told me parenting was hard, I really didn't expect the reason to be that I was strugging against a two year old stand up comic.

mobile uploads

Not to be too graphic, but the boy darted away to the corner this evening to accomplish his business. Incidentally, his father did the same thing at this age, and told his mom, "Don't mess with me." Karma is a... bad, bad thing.

Ah yes, what would New Years Eve be without an unexpected trip to the doctor's office? RM went sliding into a corner baseboard (we think) and started gushing blood. Calm Oma encouraged superglue and a bandaid. Panicked Momma opted for dermabond from the professionals. Hopefully the scar won't be too bad.

Christmas break can best be summized in this photo right here: I call it "Elf Blur". RM, in his beloved Oma-made Santa hat, whizzing around in cozy pants at home. His mom loves cozy pants. And she had a lovely break from work, so cozy pants were a family affair.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

an Epiphany Day baby and an epiphany for the bug.

I got to chat on the phone with Tootie.

Evelyn: "Ohhhh, I am so excited Toot. I can't wait to meet her. We are so proud of you."

The labor was long. But true to her nature, she kicked The Fall in the face and said, natural childbirth for me please.

Looking at J'bug I said, "You aren't the littlest pip squeak anymore. Time to get moving squirt. But not too fast. I still like snuggling you up." I put her in her crib and she pushed her chest off the mattress and grinned at me. She inched her diapered bottom up in the air and crammed her fingers in her mouth. Lights out.

Talking to Nanni ten minutes later. We're both squealing over another neice. A cousin for our baby girls. A sister for JG & E. The SIXTH baby girl in 2.5 years. They are going to have sooo much fun together.

J'bug starts screaming in her crib. The kind of scared-baby-cry that isn't normal. I run in there and find her quite startled. But she'd heeded my advice.

She'd flipped over.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Merry...

Christmas Eve we got home and snug in time for Santa to get some work done... The morning was sweet and quiet, streaming carols over the computer and opening the stocking in the bed together... then presents under the tree. Here are a few photos to record it.

oooh, momma you need some cucumbers on those eyes.

Looking at loot from the stocking

The morning tree... with J'bug for size comparison.

I mean, how smitten am I by these smiles?

He got a 'spoon man' in the stocking too. Very popular.

Baby girl smocked Christmas dress? i could eat her up.

After our opening (no flash).

one of our playmobil people made it on top of the table centerpiece. Hmmm.

Photos... The Holiday Variety Pack

Just a sampling of pictures from the last month that are otherwise non-categorical.

Like this crazy boy running. I'm just liking that i caught the still frame. And that he has this cute outfit with an electric guitar on it.

We went to our friend Liam's first birthday and went home with a present too. RM loooooves "P-doh" and making the monkey's hair grow.

Baby C and J'bug together. The bestest of five month old friends and cousins.

Ya know, just 'cause i can't resist these bright eyes and lashes.

And finally, one of sweet Meredith. She has been keeping the kids one day a week since I went back to work. And kept RM when he was a baby too. My maid-of-honor, my next-door-dorm-mate in college, and the most FUN to be around for RM and J'bug. He regularly takes 4 hour naps after a morning with Mer. Anyway, she bought J'bug this cute Christmas romper so we snagged a quick picture.

Photos... Picking out the Tree

the fam

being two. checking out nature. unsure of his new boots.

watching the chain saw. measuring to be sure it's 'just right'.

J'bug working those fingers, hoping sleep will come.

going for a tractor 'ride' while we watched the tree get tied up.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we picked the Tree. RM made friends with a farmer, his chickens and rooster, his tractor, several of the hired help who cut down our tree, and basically every stick available for him to carry around.