Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Sometimes, i think about a conversation with Floyd an hour later and realize, that was hilarious. i need to document that. rarely, do i follow through.

Context: Floyd, earlier this evening, was reading a catalog for middle-aged people that came to our house today. I was washing dishes about five feet away.

Floyd: "Wow, stonewashed, fleece-lined jeans."

Me: "Hmm." Hmmm, those sound gross.

Floyd: "Those sound awesome."

Me: "Yeah??
"Now you see how middle-aged people sacrifice fashion for comfort?"

Floyd: "No, these don't look that bad actually."


Floyd: "oooooh, that's how."

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

merry and bright

Well, maybe if i just keep singing, and intersperse that with shouts of 'SIT STILL, RM!' and a hefty dose of 'Bug! Stop that fussing!' they will eventually pose perfectly. But at this precise moment, there is no photographer bone in my body that is going to create a picture perfect moment. I'll opt for a preview of reality.

ps - did i put the dress on June before i took the tag off? Classy, momma.