Thursday, August 16, 2012

William Floyd Gibbs, III

We welcomed our sweet little boy in April. It's only taken me four months to share that on this venue. I guess Facebook has overtaken for immediate notifications.
Suffice it to say - he is a JOY. In the midst of exams and the end of his Dad's first year of law school, he was the calm that arrived in our storm. The eye of the hurricane. We were forced to stop for a minute and relish the new life that was gifted to us. I went in for an induction - my first one in three deliveries - on Will's 30th birthday. It was a little unnerving, since I didn't want to mess up a good thing. My last two babies came quickly and with no complications. Fortunately I had great nurses and an OB who had just had her third to assure me, all would be well. We checked in at 8am, the doc broke my water at 10:15, I had an epidural at 11:15, and by 12:45 I told the nurse we were ready for showtime. They had to gather everyone back from lunch and set up the room, so we just waited calmly until they gave me the green light, and he took his first breaths at 1:30pm. We kept his gender a secret throughout the pregnancy, but everyone was certain this was going to be another boy. I didn't want to believe it, because I knew that Will wanted a brother for Red. I knew that I wanted another boy for his little cousins, Cal and Leo. And I knew that Junebug has such a strong personality, that a boy just sounded easier to me- whether or not that logic makes sense! He has been the easiest, most laid back baby. He is guy smiley, and loves entertainment from his siblings. Happy to eat, happy to sleep, and if unhappy - there is a very good reason. I know that he will hit 16 months and bust wide open like all toddler boys do, but for now I am soaking up his sweetness, and the time that passes entirely too quickly. We are so, so blessed to get to be his family!

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